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June 16-19, 2020
Lyon - Eurexpo, France

2017 Conference programme

The 2020 conference program is under construction


  • Conference
    10:30 am

    Evolution or mutation? The Plastics Industry is shaping its future...

    Evolution or mutation? Industry 4.0, the new materials and the new technologies are shaping the future... 3D printing, collaborative robotics, smart polymers, technical performance, environmental protection, augmented reality, collaborative projects: today’s innovations are shaping the plastics industry of tomorrow. What is this new technical and industrial paradigm that is accompanied by a complete reconfiguration of the value chain? How do new business models emerge, the competitive advantages of which are tied in with genuine relational and technological competitiveness? 



    • Moderated by Henri SAPORTA - Managing Editor - Plastiques & Caoutchouc
    • Tahar MELLITI - General Manager of Alliance for the Industry of the future
    • Bertrand FILLON - General Manager research - IPC
    • Hugues GRAVELAINE - Operations Director - AGP DEVELOPPEMENT
    • Michel GLOTIN - Scientific Director - ARKEMA
    • Cécile VENET - Manager of Intelligent Plastics System - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
    • Guillaume GAZONNET - Process Polymers Expert RENAULT
    • Cédric ELOY - Innovation Director - DAHER GROUP
  • Conference
    02:00 pm

    The nanomaterials revolution for the plastics industry

    What if nanomaterials could provide the answer for innovative and multifunctional polymers? Due to their small size, nanoparticles can be integrated between the polymer chains without affecting the mechanical properties of the final parts or of the manufacturing process, while contributing their own specific properties. Get up to speed with the different types of passive or active nanofillers, with concrete examples of application, and come and find out about the new functionalities that polymers are likely to obtain from nanofillers.



    • Introduced by François TARDIF - Head of Nanomaterials Synthesis Division - CEA LITEN
  • Conference
    03:30 pm

    Are your food and cosmetics packagings free of danger?

    Packaging materials play a vital role in terms of the conservation and protection of food goods and cosmetic products. Get up to speed on what the European regulations have to say on the matter, and come and study packaging safety, with assessment in particular of potential interactions with contents and details of the analysis methods used.



    • Hubert BRUNDU - International Technical Manager CPCH, Cosmetics Expert - SGS
    • Pascale LAMBERT - Global Expert Contact Dietary and Chemistry E&E - SGS
  • Conference
    05:00 pm

    Energy certificates: for reducing costs!

    The Energy Saving Certificates (CEE - Certificats d’Economies d’énergie) mechanism, introduced in 2005 by the POPE Act, is intended to promote energy savings. The State obliges the responsible parties (such as EDF) to make, or generate, energy savings for consumers, with these savings manifested in the form of CEEs. In the plastics sector, several operations are eligible for the CEE mechanism: by way of illustration, between 2014 and 2016, electric press installations benefited from State aid for a total amount of almost €6.5 million, enabling 2.1 TW of off-peak energy savings to be made.



    • Introduced by Mathieu CHAOUAT - Service Department Manager & BtoB Partnerships - EDF