April 5 - 8, 2022 Eurexpo - Lyon - France The leading trade show for Plastics, Composites & Rubber in France

Nouveaux Matériaux

A new meeting dedicated to innovative materials organized to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The revolution of materials is a powerful lever for change. Aware of the challenges, France Innovation Plasturgie goes along and encourages solutions that are sustainable alternatives for the environment. Step by step, the whole industry goes forward and introduces new materials that will be represented and displayed in the heart of this new area.

You will meet the actors and stakeholders of these growing solutions:

  • Materials manufacturers (bio-materials, new materials…)
  • Research centers, Universities
  • Designers, design office

With new technical characteristics offering more lightness, flexibility, resistance, new materials of today and tomorrow are the key for innovation for all industries.

Innovative areas

The “Cité du Design” of Saint-Étienne, real source of inspiration and innovation that will unveil a gallery integrating new materials to help the visitors to understand this growing sector.

The Polyvia’s Matériautech will present a wide range of new polymer and composite materials that can be industrialised. They will be present to help industrials to identify the technology or the material suitable for their projects.

Dedicated conferences will be revealed soon

They already confirmed their participation :

VEGEPLAST manufactures Nespresso compatible coffee capsules since 10 years. It is mostly made of cereal flour, which is manufactured and transformed in VEGEMAT®.

AUTOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE MATERIALS develops a material made of hemp, allowing to enlighten the parts that will be used in automotive applications.

FIBRES RECHERCHE DÉVELOPPEMENT develops a new lighter material made of polypropylene and hemp for the automotive market.

NATUREPLAST uses shells, seaweed, cereals and various plant fibers to bring a visual or functional differentiations to the final product.

CARBIOLICE develops an enzymatic detergent additive called Evanesto®, which delivers compostable and biodegradable packaging, even in domestic conditions, without impacting the product’s properties.

STORA ENZO manufactures wood based products from responsible sources like lamibois (LVL). It is designed to be stronger than steel, lighter than concrete and easy to manipulate and work with.



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