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June 16-19, 2020
Lyon - Eurexpo, France


The 2020 workshop programme will be available very soon.


  • Workshop
    from 10:00 am
    to 10:20 am

    High production rate, thin-walled moulds for competitiveness and improved quality of the finished part

    An extra-thin, high production rate 5 L bucket mould: for competitiveness and improved quality of the finished part.


    Fabrice COLLOMB

  • Workshop
    from 10:30 am
    to 10:50 am

    AUTODESK revolutionises injection moulding simulation and makes the MOLDFLOW benchmark tools accessible to all

    Injection moulding simulation tools are made more readily accessible thanks to the simplification of the user interfaces and the automation of searches for optimisation solutions.



    • Tony TEIXEIRA - Application Engineer - APLICIT
  • Workshop
    from 11:00 am
    to 11:20 am

    Process of Inline Plastic Refinement in the DECOLINE II

    Whether in the cosmetics sector or the automotive sector – metallic quality surfaces are needed more than ever for 3D coatings in the decorative sector. However, the coating of sensitive hardware is usually an expensive step. A new, fully automated 3D inline coating system is able to operate directly from the big pack to the finished product, saving time-consuming manual work. This is especially true for high-end cosmetic products as processes in bulk are not always possible, nor desirable from a surface protection standpoint.



    • Kilian KRUSE - Head of Product Management Coating - SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG
  • Workshop
    from 11:30 am
    to 11:50 am

    New G-Max beside-the-press granulators

    Injection waste (sprues, defective parts) have value if they are directly reintroduced into the injection process. How is injection waste treated beside-thepress by our foreign neighbours?


    Denis Métral

    • Denis METRAL - Product Manager mills - WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • Workshop
    from 12:00 pm
    to 12:20 pm

    Allègement des produits extrudés par introduction directe de gaz : feuilles, plaques, et profilés.


    • Bruno PFAFF - Technological Adviser - CRITT Polymères
  • Workshop
    from 01:30 pm
    to 01:50 pm

    The precision of micro-particles for better and more rapid cleaning

    The technology of blasting dry ice micro-particles patented by Cold Jet offers the most efficient type of cleaning for many applications.


    Cyril PIERROT

    • Cyril PIERROT - Sales Manager France - COLDJET
  • Workshop
    from 02:00 pm
    to 02:20 pm

    Monitoring the injection moulding process with thermoregulators

    Monitoring the injection moulding process, from the start of production, contributes significantly to reduced waste and ensures stable heat exchange throughout the production process.


    Achim FRANKEN

    • Achim FRANKEN - Sales Manager - HB THERM
  • Workshop
    from 02:30 pm
    to 02:50 pm

    Incroslip SL slip additive – The ultimate in slip and stability for polyolefins

    Slip additives are required to allow easier processing and handling of polyolefins. However, performance needs in complex and sensitive applications increasingly demand more from an additive. Standard slip additives will break down under stressed conditions and degradation products can create unwanted issues such as tackiness, bloom, odour, change in colour, impact on taste and reduced performance. As Incroslip SL is fully saturated it exhibits excellent oxidative stability and maintains high slip performance. This true innovation will be presented in this paper.


    Kevin Bozec picture

    • Kévin BOZEC - PTIC & Crop Care Marketing Coordinator - CRODA FRANCE
  • Workshop
    from 03:00 pm
    to 03:20 pm

    Plasma, Corona, Flaming: Make your surfaces functional!

    Increasingly sophisticated adhesives; inks that need to resist every environment; material structures that can accept no pollution: these are all interfacing constraints for different materials, for which surface treatments exist.


    Pierre Frappa

    • Pierre FRAPPA - Sales Engineer - CAPIME
  • Workshop
    from 03:30 pm
    to 03:50 pm

    Sustainable development - know-how, life skills: biosourced polymers

    Biosourced and/or biodegradable plastic materials are becoming more and more prevalent in the field of plastics manufacturing, and can provide answers in terms of development, environmental impact and the recycling of waste or by-products.



    • Guillaume LEBOUTEILLER - Technical Manager - NATURE PLAST
  • Workshop
    from 04:00 pm
    to 04:20 pm

    Process flexibility with the Maris corotating twin-screw extruder

    The co-rotating twin-screw extruder is a modular, continuous, dynamic mixer adaptable to different types of production such as: polymerisation, recycling, adhesives, and plastic and rubber compounding.



    • Alessandro GALLO - PhD in chemistry, R&D Specialist - MATERIELS EXTRUSION