Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Presentation of BAGE PLASTICS

Presentation of BAGE PLASTICS

Bage plastics is an innovative post-consumer recycling company that has committed itself to the circular economy and to the development of sustainable plastic products. With three locations in Austria and Germany, bage plastics produces over 30,000 tons of post-consumer recycled plastic granules from PS, ABS, PP and PC/ABS for applications in extrusion and injections moulding.

The bage plastics high-grade recycled polymers can be used as replacements for virgin plastics or can be combined with virgin materials to produce high-tech products with recycled content.

bage compounds provide qualitatively equivalent performance to virgin plastics while being environmentally friendly and sustainable. According to a study, the post-consumer recycled ABS produced by bage plastics generates 81% lower CO2 emissions than virgin ABS.

For more information: https://bage-plastics.com/

A development

Revolution­ary post-consumer recycled ABS RTI95

bage plastics launched a revolution­ary post-consumer recycled ABS which stands out due to the high­est continuous operating temperature (RTI) a recycled ABSever achieved. The Relative thermal index (RTI) of the new rABS with the trade name “R200840 RFHI 8595 C9005” has been certified by UL according to the standard 746B. This unique innovation was only possible thanks to the perfectly developed separation technology and to the out­standing plastics compounding know-how of bage plastics.

This high-grade rABS has been developed for engineering applications in the electronics sector or in the automotive, e.g. for car interior parts, wherever maximum performance at high temperatures is required.