Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Presentation of PLASTIQUIP

Presentation of PLASTIQUIP
Plastiquip, based in F-59000 Lille, is a commercial organisation created in early 2023. Plastiquip is the result of a need from the international plastics machinery/solutions manufacturing industry and the need to maintain affinity with the French market. Despite its recent creation, Plastiquip is founded and run by partners with long experience and know-how in the plastics industry.

A global vision of services and technical solutions for the plastics industry in France is the common thread running through our business.
Plastiquip, representing several renowned brands in the various fields of extrusion, rotomoulding and production of semi-finished or finished products, wants to develop and establish itself as a preferred partner and interface with added value between producers/manufacturers of French thermoplastic products and suppliers of high-quality solutions.

Our range covers all services and solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, manufacturers and French producers. 

We offer complete extrusion lines, tracking lines, special machines (in-line and stand-alone) for working profiles and/or other geometries, as well as measurement and process control tools.
By sharing our personal contacts with customers, and commercial representations such as IDE-Extrusion, Graewe Extrusion, Scholz Dosiertechnik, FUX Maschinenbau, Orenda, 493K ... combined with our own engineering capacity and production of custom machines, tools and extrusion dies (Austria), we give customers the advantages of a "One Stop Shop", a single point of contact and not least, impeccable service and support dedicated to the French market.

We invite you to find out more about us at www.plastiquip.fr et we look forward to welcoming you to our stand at FIP 2024.

A development

We present the Profitec 01, a tool for measuring and controlling the extrusion process.
Although the Profitec 01 has been around for a number of years, its advantages are once again becoming increasingly apparent in the field of extrusion using recycled materials.

The level of recycled material added to the extruder and/or the use of recycled materials in profile extrusion pose particularly difficult challenges to manage during the extrusion process. Instability in the flow of material in the extruder, due to various causes in addition to contamination in the recycled material, disrupts stable, continuous fluidity.
The Profitec 01 uses an optical sensor to quickly detect the tendency for the profile at the die exit to swell and/or shrink. This optical change is transformed into an analogue 0-10Vdc signal to control/adjust the speed of the die.

The Profitec 01 therefore stabilises the process, reduces rejects, reduces production waste (reduction from +/- 4% to +/- 1% of waste), enables production to be carried out to tighter tolerances, helps to ensure quality and enables higher levels of recycled material to be used.

More information: www.profitec.eu